Three Reasons Why You Should Pay A Visit To A Vancouver Library Website

Even with a world of information, resources, and entertainment, there’s nothing quite like paying a visit to your local public library and reading an actual book instead of staring into the glow of a tablet or a monitor.At the very least, the Vancouver Public Library website contains a wealth of knowledge for those looking for a leisurely read or even a more serious dive into literature. However, for those looking for more than just looking up or reserving books, the Vancouver Library website boasts an amazing hub of information.Of course, the website does all the things a library website is expected to do, including (but not limited to):

Put holds on new incoming books

Search the massive catalogues for specific books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other resources

Access ebooks, newspapers, and other online resources

Check library contact information and hours of operation

Check upcoming events and room rental information
However, this is nothing new. Every modern library in the world has these functions, but where the Vancouver Public Library shines is in a special section of their website called Readers’ Café. This café is definitely the most interesting corner of the library website by far. The special section is an incredible online resource to help people find almost anything they need in terms of library-related information.1. What Do I Read Next?The top recommendations of library staff for various genres are listed out with book covers, short reviews, and all the ISBN information you need to grab a copy hot off the shelves.Once you’ve exhausted these, you find more detailed recommendations based on authors, genres, and titles you already enjoy. For example, if you like famous Vancouver author Douglas Coupland, the Readers’ Café helpfully suggests over a dozen different authors that you might be a fan of. Likewise, fans of specific books or genres can also find customized recommendations for their next reading project.If you want to see a list of book recommendations with specific themes, booklists are your best friend. For example, a popular horror booklist is “Everyday Horror: When The Mundane Becomes Monstrous”, where all the stories are terrifying and relatable in our everyday lives.2. A Sense Of CommunityIf you’re looking for a sense of community with fellow book lovers, the Readers’ Café also has a massive listing of book clubs for hundreds of different books and authors.Book clubs are a gathering of people who regularly meet up (either online or in person) to discuss their opinions about a certain book or series of books.Joining a book club is completely free, but registration is required. Book clubs are generally based around subject, geographic location, and skill level. The list of new book clubs frequently update, so be sure to keep an eye for anything that catches your interest.3. Catch The Latest NewsThe reader’s cafe has detailed news stories relating to specific genres. Want to see what’s new in the world of fantasy? What about suspense or romance? Each and every genre has a feed for all the latest stories and information happening in the news. This also includes information on all the latest literary awards like the James Tiptree Jr. Award and the Locus Awards.We recommend using the café as a way to identify the next book you want to read and keeping up-to-date on the latest literary trends. Of course, after you’ve used all the features of the Reader’s Café, you still need to physically go to the library to find the book you want. Take some time out of your busy schedule this week to visit your local library! You may just learn something new.

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